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Real Estate for Sale

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Our Philosophy for Real Estate Photography

In general we do two kinds of Real Estate Photography.  Real Estate for sale or long term lease, and Residences for Short Term Lease (such as for South by Southwest or F1 rentals. The former categroy makes up a large part of our business, as we are often contacted by realtors, home owners and others to photograph homes in preparation for going to maket to sell the home.  

Our philosophy with Real Estate photography is to make the home look as welcoming as possible without misleading or misrepresenting the property.  With that in mind, it is important to note that not every home is photographed the same way, or even with the same equipment.  Not because one is worth more than another, but because each home is different, and each sort of level of homes comes with a unique set of expectatiuons that the buyer and the seller have.


Our pricing is based on two basic factors, how much the home is expected to sell for, and the sq ft of living space.  When we are able to consider these two factors together, we can get a decent idea of the time that is required to be in a home and produce the number and type of photos necessary to market the home.


We are just beginning to adopt a new system for scheduling based on client feedback for the last year.The number one thing that we have heard form our clients over the last year has been that agents want to know a time of the shoot further in advance.  We are going to be notifying each agent 2 days in advance of their approximate shoot tiime.  That is a huge difference from what we have done for the last 9 years.  That should free up agents to plan their time more efficiently.  In order to make that system work, we will be asking agants to confirm that the home will be ready to shoot when we call to confirm a time. Once a shoot is confirmed, it is set in stone and cannot be changed without a penalty of 100% of the cost of photography.  On the other hand if the property is not ready when we talk two days in advance, you can let us know a better time for the shoot to happen without a reschedule fee.


We deliver all photos through our virtual tour provider, even if you did not order a virtual tour.  We have several reasons for doing that, so here are a couple...

This delivery system allows us to deliver all of the sizes that Are needed for Real Estate Marketing.  When you get your email with the links to either the tours or the photos, it will include a link to the client area where you can download the photos at the various sizes including very large size for print materials and periodicals.  We don't charge extra for those images.

In most cases delivery is the next day after the shoot.  There are some exceptions in the case of luxury homes or twilight shoots that need additional retouching.  If we have a technical issue that keeps us from delivering on time, we will notify you as soon as possible.


Licensing of Photos

If you look at the rest of our site, you will notice that we charge different prices often for the same type of shoot depending on the needs of the client.  Builders, architects and so on pay not only for the cost of the photgraphy but to license the images based on time and type of use.

For real estate photograhy here is the basic license.

1.  The agent is licensing a group of images (agents do not own photos) for a time of 1 year or until the property sells.

2.  The agent may not transfer those photos to any third party except as it is necessary to sell their listing or to give a set to a homeowner for non-commercial use.

3.  The agent may use one photo after the listing is concluded for personal promotion on things like sold cards or website display of sold properties.

4.  Agents may pruchase additional licenses for images to promote their businesses.


For a full list of terms and conditions, please see our terms and conditions page.

We have several products for Real Estate Photography, here are our most popular...